The Unseen  

The Unseen | by Craig Wright | A Red Orchid Theater

"A Red Orchid Theatre's searing production, directed by Dado, boasts heartrending performances..."
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"When Craig Wright premiered his new prison drama “The Unseen” at the 2007 Humana Festival in Louisville, the show went down like a Samuel Beckett drama at Zanies Comedy Club."
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"Directed by Dado to pile-driving intensity, it’s the kind of punch to the brain - and the funny bone..."
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American Dead

American Dead | Rogue Machine Theatre

"St. Amant's alternately comic and poignant take on the childlike Lewie is mesmerizing. The actor inhabits this difficult role with an unflinching mastery of vocal and physical characteristics..."

"...fugitive connections that accumulate into a story you find yourself investing in -- due in large part to "Dead's" impressive cohesion of direction, design and performance."

"The Rogue Machine has come up with a dandy of a show for their second presentation in their still evolving young life."

"Under the outstanding direction of Dado (that’s her whole name), the entire cast of American Dead deliver sterling performances"

"The Rogue Machine presentation of this West Coast premiere is a moving study of muted sorrow, full of subtle character moments from an expert cast."


Credeaux Canvas

The Credeaux Canvas | Stages Theatre Center

"From the start, I immediately related to the characters and their circumstances. I wish it wasn't such a reality..."

Alice in Bed | by Susan Sontag | Trapdoor Theatre

Alice in Bed by Susan Sontag

"...the atmosphere in director Dado's bold staging for Trap Door Theatre is febrile and fantastic. The company usually offers some of the most challenging and interesting work in town for actresses, and this production is no exception."

"Director Dado, who could probably make watchable theater out of a cake-mix ingredient list..."

"Her only 90 minutes long and is highly theatrical and visual, at least as staged by the eminent, mono-named directress Dado."


The Hothouse | by Harold Pinter | A Red Orchid Theater

The Hothouse by Harold Pinter

"...'The Hothouse' is so good -- with an ensemble, under the direction of Dado, at once razor sharp, blisteringly funny, horrifying, desperate, outrageous and perhaps just one step shy of totally insane -- you wish Pinter were in good enough shape to come see it."

"...I found it a smart-eyed, droll and menacing little show typified by a endlessly witty set from Grant Sabin..."

  Huddersfield | by Ugljesa Sajtinac | TUTA
  Huddersfield by Ugljesa Sajtinac



"...a powerful, memorable night spent with a stellar new work that Chicagoans are the first Americans to experience."

"...this blistering orgy of destruction, rage and grief exposes the truth about the lost generation that grew up in Serbia during the 1990s and is still coming to terms with the fallout of that calamitous period."

The Fastest Clock in the Universe | by Phillip Ridley | A Red Orchid Theater
  Fastest Clock in the Universe by Phillip Ridley





"...a funny-sour-scary quality permeates the production..."

"Let's get the party started! The most sinister bash since Harold Pinter hosted "The Birthday Party" is now in full swing at A Red Orchid Theatre..."

"...receiving one of those white-hot, fasten-your-seat-belts kind of productions that harks back to those crazy outings by the original Steppenwolf gang."